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Where the Silence Sings - Emery Blaine

Where the Silence Sings - Emery Blaine

Where the Silence Sings is the dark and dastardly first instalment of The Symphonic Masquerade series, a character-driven tale about identity, perseverance, and discovery among a future fantasy backdrop. Sometimes the truth is worse than the lie. A gritty adventure, this story exposes grim realities and the journey towards wrangling agency while contending with a crumbling construct of belonging. Interwoven with past and present mysteries shrouded in ancient, lost histories, this book examines themes of selfhood, moral ambiguity, and connection borne of both familiarity and circumstance. Starting with a bloody reckoning, Where the Silence Sings throws us into the fire that stokes the winds of change; a discordant note that heralds a new and foreboding dawn.

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ISBN Paperback: 9781738506002
ISBN eBook: 9781738506019

Publication Date: 18 June 2024

Where the Silence Sings (The Symphonic Masquerade, #1)


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