Wild Door Publishing and Author Emery Blaine Introduce New SFF Prequel Novella, 'How Strange the Son'

Wild Door Publishing and Author Emery Blaine Introduce New SFF Prequel Novella, 'How Strange the Son'

DUBLIN, IRELAND – Wild Door Publishing is delighted to announce the arrival of the next fiction work in The Symphonic Masquerade series by Emery Blaine, How Strange the Son, a prequel novella, available in eBook format July 2024.

How Strange the Son is the explosive prequel novella of The Symphonic Masquerade series, a character-driven tale of magic, mystery, and mayhem set against a sci-fantasy backdrop.

There are a few rules to follow when negotiating inter-realmal trade agreements at the Tarnin mines.

First, do not tune with the energies of pyre alicant while on site. The noxious fumes in the air will ensure everyone catches their doom.

Second, do not enter the mines alone. Ever. They are as old as they are splintered, and one can easily be lost and forgotten in their depths.

Third, do not instigate murder at the quarry. It should really go without saying, but one Seraeyu Thasian needs to be informed as such.

The fragile axis of power is shifting, and Uruji Thasian-nee would rather be sat back at his workbench, studying the threads of alica that twist through all variety of crystal and ore. At least there no one threatens to put him or anyone else to permanent rest.

The precursor to a tale both dark and dastardly, How Strange the Son sets the stage for a sweeping, epic adventure that delves into ancient secrets and the journey to finding one's place among the eternal symphony that breathes life into the vast, Great Starry Sea. Join Uruji Thasian-nee, his father Jourae, and his ward Seraeyu Thasian, the rebellious son of the ruling Thasian family, as they travel to the Dracon-controlled realm of Orin. Even a glittering empire has its faults, and these lines are about to crack wide open.

This eBook is available exclusively through Amazon Kindle services.

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